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Missile Toads - Sombertown's Most Wanted 7" EP

It’s always snowy in Philadelphia when The Missile Toads are playing. By combining their love of punk rock, ‘60s garage and Christmas music, this band creates the perfect answer to those tired old holiday tracks trotted out every year at Christmas time.

The Missile Toads have previously appeared on Rebel Sound’s Cashing In On Christmas LP series. This is their first solo release and plans are in the works for a split release for Christmas 2017 with fellow Christmas punks, The Angry Snowmans.

Sombertown’s Most Wanted – Originally written and recorded by The Wretched One’s as "America’s Most Wanted", tells the tale of a young Chris Kringle being hunted down by the Burgermeister for bringing toys to the children of Sombertown.

Selfish Ways – Originally written and recorded by legendary Florida punk band, The Screaming Sneakers as "Violent Ways". This song speaks about the more unfortunate people without homes, food, etc. at Christmas time.

North Pole Riot Squad – A Missile Toad original, which details the suffering of elves at the hands of an out of control Police Force at the North Pole.

Good Ol’ Dreidel Game – Originally written by Stomping Tom Connors, and later covered by The Hanson Brothers, whose version served as the basis for this song. The excitement and buzz of a dreidel game is perfectly depicted.

Pressing Information

500x Snow White Vinyl


  1. Sombertown's Most Wanted
  2. Selfish Ways
  3. North Pole Riot Squad
  4. Good Ol' Dreidel Game