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Cashing In On Christmas Volume 7 LP - IN STOCK NOW!

After the raging eggnog fueled hangover that caused them to sleep through last Christmas, the elves at Rebel Sound have recovered enough to bring you Volume 7 of Cashing In On Christmas - the greatest series of punk and Oi! Christmas comps in the world!

This year's star-studded lineup of Christmas misfits includes Toledo, Ohio's THE OLD BREED, veteran California outfit BONECRUSHER, '77 UK punks the AUTOMATICS, Dwarves guitarist HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED, brutal California street punks THE HARDKNOCKS, a celebration of Paganism from 7ER JUNGS, working class UK (by way of Greece) punk from SEASIDE REBELS featuring Robin from the Restarts on guest vocals, Philadelphia's Christmas Punk darlings the MISSILE TOADS, Australian bovver rock with JJ SPEEDBALL (featuring JJ of Shandy), LAZY CLASS from Poland, BASTARD MONSTER's Boris Karloff inspired doom anthem (with Rich of Splodgenessabounds), an angry anti-commercialist Christmas song by The PISSTONS from Nürnberg, and last but definitely not least - RIOTGUN, who made the list of one of the greatest Orange County bands of all time, in OC Weekly!

So put on your jingle bells, stuff your stockings with beer, and prepare to ruck around the Christmas tree!

Pressing Information

250x Snow White Vinyl with download card
250x Black Coal Vinyl with download card
2x Test Pressings


  1. 1. Old Breed - For Christmas
  2. 2. Bonecrusher - Christmas Time Again
  3. 3. Automatics - Peace On Earth
  4. 4. He Who Cannot Be Named - War on Christmas
  5. 5. Hardknocks - This One's For Us
  6. 6. 7er Jungs - Winter Solstice
  7. 7. Seaside Rebels - Ain't The Season To Be Jolly
  8. 8. The Missile Toads - Decorate the Christmas Tree
  9. 9. JJ Speedball - Xmas Twist
  10. 10. Lazy Class - Sick Of It All
  11. 11. Bastard Monster - Christmas of Doom
  12. 12. Pisstons - Do They Care It's Christmas
  13. 13. Riotgun - Beer For Xmas
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