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The Shame - Roughneck 7" EP

We couldn't say it any better than American Oi! already did...

The Shame - Roughneck
Aggrobeat Records / Rebel Sound Music

The Tulsa boys are at it again! A year after their split EP with Foreign Legion, The Shame are back with a brand new slab of wax for, yet again, Aggrobeat Records and Rebel Sound Music. Though both the Dutch and American label teamed up for yet another round, The Shame are on their own again this time around, but they’re definitely not disappointing with four, smashing new anthems on the “Roughneck” EP!

Kicking off with the fierce and relatively short (barely clocking over one and a half minute) “(We’ve Got The) Hipsters On The Run”, The Shame’s message to all the man-bun wearing, beard growing bohemians is plain and simple; get the fuck out of our bar! And although it’s ‘hip’ to bash ‘hipsters’ (for good reasons though), the point the boys are making is, unfortunately, very familiar.

But The Shame are at their best when their songs are about the most beautiful game in the world, football! Vocalist and guitarist Chad is very passionate about his football and that is something that definitely reflects in the songs “We’re The Tulsa Boys” and “I Still Believe”. Especially the latter track, an ode to the loyalists that keep on cashing in disappointment after disappointment every goddamn weekend, is spot on and a call to never give up the faith and keep on supporting and singing for your team no matter what! You don’t only sing when you’re winning, and you’ll definitely be singing when you hear this song, because that chorus is catchy as hell!

The Shame leaves yet again a more than solid impression on green marbled vinyl (European pressing, Aggrobeat Records) and yellow marbled vinyl (US pressing, Rebel Sound Music)!

Pressing Information

250 x Green Marbled Vinyl (European pressing, Aggrobeat Records)
250 x Yellow Marbled Vinyl (US pressing, Rebel Sound Music)