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The Transitions - Dark Times LP

Did you ever wondered what it would have sound like if Marching Orders and RazorCut vocalist Al White fronted early Joy Division? I bet you haven’t, but you will find out soon as we proudly present the debut full-length “DARK TIMES” of Al’s post-punk outfit THE TRANSITIONS, in cooperation with Rebellion Records!

Heavily inspired by Warsaw / early Joy Division, The Damned, The Ruts and TSOL, THE TRANSITIONS take you on a weary, dark musical path to the outskirts of melancholic post-punk and gloomy new-wave. Although THE TRANSITIONS hardly sound anything like Al’s other bands, you will immediately fall in love with his significant voice on “DARK TIMES” rapidly followed by the sound. The title might suggest otherwise, but we see a very bright future for Australia’s THE TRANSITIONS!

Pressing Information

200 copies, black vinyl
100 copies, silver vinyl