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Royal Oi! - Bootboys And Hooligans

Oi! Is very much alive and well in Scotland! Influenced by bands such as Bonecrusher, Perkele and Cock Sparrer, Glasgow's Royal Oi! features MALE/FEMALE lead vocals, singing songs about their passions and everyday struggles.

Bootboys & Hooligans' is Royal Oi!'s first full length album. It was recorded between May & June 2015 and co-released by Rebel Sound Music, Crowd Control Media, & LastPunkRocker Records!

Pressing Information

150x Scottish Flag Blue (Last Punkrockers color)
150x Scottish Flag White (Rebel Sound color)
150x White /w Blue Splatter (Crowd Control Media color)
50x Classic Black


  1. 1- Bootboys and Hooligans
  2. 2- Skinhead Warrior
  3. 3- Docs and Tattoos
  4. 4- In My Heart
  5. 5- Punx and Skins 'Football, Oi! and Rock n Roll'
  6. 6- Skinhead Loyalty
  7. 7- Musica Oi!
  8. 8- Survive
  9. 9- Together
  10. 10- Violence