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Mess With The Best - Split Double 7" with Rust, Cracks & Scars, Revilers & The Guv'nors HO-034

Mess With The Best Vol 1 spotlights Rust (Australia), The Guv'nors (Denmark), Revilers (USA) and Cracks & Scars (Germany). Two new songs from each band. One 7" is on oxblood vinyl and the other is on bone vinyl.

Rust comes out swinging with ripping guitars and pounding drums. Motorhead love mixed with the fury of Lower Class Brats, APA, etc. The second track has a thicker delivery a la Anti-Seen. Tough biker bar stomper... two vicious punk songs.

Guv’nors have been around for awhile. This boasts two new songs. The mid-paced gritty ditty of city kids in “Punk Rock” kicks off their set. They have an English rock feel like Condemned 84 with a slight glam feel. Seems like an odd cast, but I swear it’s true. “Downtown Boogie” picks up the speed considerably for a pub anthem like Cockney Rejects, Toy dolls and Peter & The Test Tube Babies were hanging out.

Revilers, my top pick of punk/oi! From 2012, come back with their raw punch of punk fused with rock and roll. “Tell Me” has that Reality Clash feel of the late 90’s. Angry furious rants over raucous guitar lines and solos perpetuate your fists into pumping along. “8 Second Society” is a lower tuned seething tune. The darker feel has a true Oi! delivery.

Cracks & Scars have a more modern English punk sound combined with west coast streetpunk. Makes me think of Code 1, Crashed Out, Whiskey Rebels, The Authority. Gang chants and sincere declarations make “Goin’ Nowhere” an immediate sing along requirement. “Light & Darkness”, the split’s closer, brings a Bonecrusher/Roustabouts sound with a snotty punk vocal line. Again, your head will bounce to this as you raise a pint in cheer.

Pressing Information

500 gatefold double 7" with one record on oxblood vinyl and the other on bone vinyl


  1. Ex-Girlfriends
  2. Suicide Sunday
  3. Punk Rock
  4. Downtown Boogie
  5. Don't Tell Me
  6. 8 Second Society
  7. Goin' Nowhere
  8. Light & Darkness