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Cashing In On Christmas Volume 5 HO-037

Christmas is not complete without the latest installment of Black Hole’s acclaimed “Cashing In On Christmas” series! Featuring (mostly) original Christmas tunes from some of the top Punk and Oi! bands as well as some up and comers. Whether you love Christmas or hate it, you won’t be able to stop yourself from singing along to some of the future classics on this 3-sided LP, which has a laser etching on the 4th side.

Cashing In On Christmas Volume 5 sports 19 tracks (plus two bonus tracks on the included CD version) from Angry Snowmans, Bishops Green, BOY, Chem D, Evil Conduct, Harrinton Saints (with a guest appearance by The Dwarves “He Who Cannot Be Named”), Hooligan (Dublin), Immoral Discipline, Lion’s Law, Maddog Surrender, Missile Toads, Monkish, On The Job, Prins Carl, Roadside Bombs, Sniper 66, Splodgenessabounds, Stranglehold, Suckered In and The Bad Engrish. How’s THAT for a Christmas party?

This year also features the return of cover artist Richard Stone, with a brilliant spoof of the Exploited’s “Troops of Tomorrow” album cover.

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500x Red Vinyl