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Cashing In On Christmas Volume 6 Double LP REB1045

This year's band of merry misfits includes Priceduifkes, Saints And Sinners (with Liz of Deadline), Oldfashioned Ideas, Keyside Strike (with Wakie of English Dogs), Halbstarke Jungs, Droogettes, The Hulls, City Saints, Gimp Fist, Shameless, Assault & Battery, The Destructors, Drug Shock, The Vibrators, Brassknuckle Boys, Pariah Carey, Concrete, DDC and The Traditionals.

Richard Stone of Splodgenessabounds has once again outdone himself with his amazing cover artwork!

Dedicated to the memory of John Lovrich.

Pressing Information

Double LP
300 Yellow Snow vinyl (White with heavy piss yellow splatter)
200 Lumps of Coal vinyl (Black, for the naughty kids)


  1. I Ain't Dreaming Of A White Christmas
  2. Fairytale Of New York
  3. Holidays
  4. Stuff Your Christmas
  5. Drunken Santa Is Coming To Town
  6. Vixen
  7. Christmas Time On The Picket Line
  8. I Hope Santa Dies
  9. Dear Father Christmas
  10. Made By Kids
  11. Who The Fuck Is St. Nick
  12. Xmas Spirit
  13. No Holiday
  14. I Hate Xmas
  15. Christmas In Prison
  16. All I Want For Christmas Is To Be Accepted Back Into Society
  17. Death Of Claus
  18. Christmas Time Again
  19. In The Drunk Tank On Christmas
  20. Stuff Your Christmas (Wakey Version)