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The Transitions - Self Titled EP REB1033

The Transitions are a 3 piece band from Melbourne, Australia playing late 70's and early 80's UK style punk and post punk with a dash of 80's Australian rock/pop. Fans of Australian Oi! may recognize the vocals as none other than Al from Marching Orders and RazorCut.

The music of the Transitions is heavily influenced by The Damned, The Buzzcocks, Warsaw, Joy Division, The Chameleons, Boys Next Door, Accent(UK), Wire, and TSOL.

Founded in 2012, this is their first release.

Pressing Information

200x Black Vinyl
200x Oxblood Vinyl (Band Exclusive)
100x Transparent Coke Bottle Green Vinyl (Rebel Sound Exclusive)


  1. Waiting for the Man
  2. Shouting at Silence
  3. Live Fast, Die Young
  4. No More Yesterday