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Anti-Nowhere League/Damn Garrison Split 7" REB1014

Many US metal heads didn’t even know that they were listening to ANL when Metallica covered the nefarious anthem, “So What”. And while I hope that the royalties gave the ANL some financial props, they should not be simply resigned to being an asterisk in Metallica’s confusing career. What true punks and skins have known about this vile confrontational band is that they spit in the face of every convention. Maligned and stubborn, in 1980 ANL began a lecherous career of destroying conventions and enraging every faction of their fan base.

1982 saw the glorious release of their debut, “We Are… the League”. Misogynistic, misanthropic, nihilistic, disgusting, irreverent lyrics were spewed over chaotic mangled rock and roll (even the song, “Can’t Stand Rock and Roll”). While some criticized the ability of the songwriting, it fit right in with the bombastic tunes of Abrasive Wheels, The Exploited, Chron Gen, Defects, Cockney Rejects, Menace and really is missing the point. The lyrics captured the furious antagonist thriving in each punk listening.

The ANL further irritated critics as their proficiency with instruments improved over each new album. The number of their live albums rival their studio releases, but we found them ending in 1989, after 1987’s, The Perfect Crime, and a 1990 Live and Loud installment. Technically resurrected in 1992, ANL didn’t put out an album until 1997, with Scum. Invigorated, the end of the 2000’s saw them ramp up their productivity with a revamped line-up releasing Kings and Queens in 2005; The Road to Rampton, 2007.

This release is an avenue into why ANL set up Nowhere Records back in 2006. Captain Oi wouldn't release “The Day The World Turned Gay” and “The Adventures Of Peter Vile", and the songs have previously only appeared on the band-released "Pig Iron" CD.

So now Damn Garrison, hardcore punks from New Hampshire, flanked by longtime Bruisers’ bassist, Richie, have the honor of sharing this seven inch. Damn Garrison put forth two tight tracks, showing their growth after a pulverizing and energizing tour of the Northeast with Graham Saxby led The Warriors and Minnesota’s Victory. The band will also be playing the 2000 Tons of TNT Fest in Hartford, Connecticut this Fall with the likes of Cro-Mags, Partisans and Judge.

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