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Toughskins - Keep The Faith REB1011

The LA based Oi! band Toughskins are back with four new blistering songs from the streets on their 'Keep The Faith' EP. Fast paced, hard as nails, street rock'n'roll with a social conscience are what these boys deliver on 'Too Young To Care', 'Keep The Faith', 'Black and Blue' and the bruising 'Crack Some Skulls'. Toughskins have played shows with the likes of Rancid, Transplants, Old Firm Casuals, Harrington Saints, Bonecrusher, Cromags, and Menace. Co-released with Randale Records.

Pressing Information

800x Black Vinyl
100x Red Vinyl (Rebel Sound Exclusive)
100x Blue Vinyl (Randale Records Exclusive)

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